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PLUS 12®

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If you are looking for a solid shelter to protect your car during the winter, the PLUS 12 is the ideal model. Exclusive to Les Abris Harnois, this shelter is stronger than anything on the market. Made from 16 gauge oval tubing, 25-30% stronger than round tubing, this demountable shelter can be raised or extended to accommodate SUVs, trailers or recreational vehicles. Your property is protected at all times and you will no longer have to clear snow!

The ultimate in winter shelters!

The PLUS 12 is perfectly suited to harsh winters and its full range of options and accessories will make your life easier in the cold season. Whether it is the EZ door, which is easily handled, even with gloves, the side door, which facilitates movement between your shelter and your residence, or the nylon straps, more practical for stretching the canvas than the usual tapes of cotton to tie, the removable shelter PLUS 12 gives you more for your money! 

Covered with a 7 oz / yd2 canvas, the rounded shape of the PLUS 12 ensures greater longevity of your canvas and better snow gliding. The PLUS 12 removable shelter represents the best value for money on the market and gives you peace of mind to face winter.

LENGTH 15 ′ to 40 ′
CLEARANCE 7 ′ (up to 10 ′)
STEEL TYPE Alu-zinc (Galvalum) mini-oval shape
(1 3/4 ″ x 1 1/8 ″, 16 ga)
CANVAS TYPE Woven polyethylene canvas, stabilized
against UV rays, 7 ounces
COLOR Clear-opaque with 2 windows