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Non-Standard Double Shelters

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Specially designed for urban environments, the Classic Double is sized to fit most home entrances. The Classic Double model is part of the winter landscape of many cities in Canada. Thanks to clear and detailed plans, the shelter can be set up in a jiffy and quickly stowed away in the spring.

Combine space and utility!

Available in widths ranging from 18 to 20 feet, its straight walls offer exceptional clearance and space for 2 to 4 vehicles. This shelter is made from galvanized steel, which ensures strength and quality suitable for our winters. Covered with a standard 8 oz fabric, sewn and stabilized against UV rays, the Classic Double carport is offered with two full doors and two vinyl windows.  TIME

LENGHT 18′ & 20′
LENGTH 20′ to 36′
CLEARANCE 8' & 10'
  • 18" : 9′ 6″
  • 20" : 10′
TYPE OF STEEL 16GA Galvanized Steel
CANVAS TYPE Woven polyethylene fabric, stabilized against
UV rays, 8 ounces
COLOR Clear-opaque with 2 windows



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