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About Us


Intempery is a company offering several products and services related to car shelters, and aims to be THE REFERENCE in the matter.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, our team has acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to offer you quality, courteous and personalized service. Driven by the desire to offer a unique shopping experience to its customers. Our team is distinguished by its efficiency and authenticity.


Our ultimate goal is to take a weight off your shoulders during the winter season and save you precious time by avoiding many of its disadvantages such as having to clear the car, defrost your windshield or even remove snow from your parking spot after a snow storm. We know the to-do list is already full. Let us take care of this part!


We offer several products, ranging from simple car shelters to industrial shelters, including different choices of accessories. Click here Shop to see our range of quality products just waiting for you. 

But it doesn't stop here ...

We offer to our customers the most complete service there is. It's a one stop shop. We also take care of the installation and / or dismantling of the shelters.


At Intempery, we got you covered. From the canvas, to the anchors.